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Residential foreclosure to live in myself
Residential foreclosure for investing/rental
Multi-Family(1-50 Unit) foreclosure investment
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Short Sale, Bank Owned & Pre-Foreclsore for Investors and Home Buyers
There are probably many of you who have the knowledge to do a short sale, or would like to learn more about them, but lack certain key resources. There are also some of you who may have resources but lack the knowledge, and would like to work some short sales.  If this is true for you, then you have come to the right place and to the right people!  We can provide not only the knowledge but also the resources, such as the ability to fund a deal, access to attorneys and real estate agents, and direct contact information and intimate knowledge of how the short sale process works.
We work with investors 
We have a large network of Investors, Private Money Lenders, Banks and Lending Institutions that let us know about distressed multi-family opportunities they would like to off-load from their books. These range from 2 unit to 200 unit buildings.
We also work with buyers who are interested in identifying and buying a short sale investment property for their own residence before a property reaches foreclosure or is bought back by the Bank. Tell us the area and type of property you are interested in, we can email you the addresses of all the properties in your designated area that are in pre-foreclosure status and can be approached. Many times the current owners are ecstatic that they can be helped out of their stressful situation through the short-sale process.
Get ahead of the game. Don't wait to check the MLS or good properties are already gone!!
To start the process, identify the pre-foreclosure Investment Real Estate or the area you're interested in. We will approach the homeowner(s) and identify if they are a good short-sale candidate(s). We will then need to collect a third party authorization and short sale package from the homeowner. The authorization enables us to speak to the bank on their behalf, and the short sale package is made up of all documents required by that particular lender. Once we have those documents we’ll submit them to the bank and begin the process.
As overwhelming as all the details may seem, the short sale or loan modification process does not have to be so hard, you just have to work with the right team. We are that team! Don't give up like so many investors do, don't make costly mistakes, don't lose a deal, instead sign up and take action!