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The Philadelphia Realty Services Team
Philadelphia Realty Services is a unique Company established to serve the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure prevention market. In today's environment, short sales are often the only way to sell properties. Many of today's homeowners find themselves in a tough economic place with the stressful burden of a home they no longer can afford, collection calls, late payments and looming foreclosure. That's where we can step in and help.
We facilitate the purchase and sale of homes via a short sale process which allows lenders to recoup more of the home's value and avoid a costly judicial foreclosure process. The homeowner can free themselves from the burden of owning a home that is worth less than the mortgage. A win-win scenario for both parties. We have 30+ years experience in the Mortgage, Brokerage and Legal domains and can take care of the short sale process from beginning to end. Make one phone call!
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